Hot 50 Morgans

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Slot Year VAM Description
1. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-8 8TF Stick Feather
2. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-14.4 8TF Concave Reverse
3. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-14.5 8TF Spiked "A"
4. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-14.16 8TF DDO Profile
5. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-20 8TF Doubled Date
6. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-22 8TF Polished Lib
7. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-34 7/4TF, Strong
8. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-43 7/0TF Doubled Legs
9. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-79 Disconnected Leaf
10. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-145 Broken "N&M" with broken 'o' reverse
  1878-P camera.jpg VAM-162 Broken "N&M" with broken 'r' reverse
11. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-169 Quadrupled Stars
12. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-170 Doubled Date
13. 1878-P camera.jpg VAM-187 "Impossible" Doubled "R"
14. 1878-S camera.jpg VAM-6 DDO "RIB"
  1878-S camera.jpg VAM-22 DDO "RIB", mint mark shifted left
  1878-S camera.jpg VAM-77 New Discovery! DDO "RIB", mint mark very high
15. 1880-P camera.jpg VAM-11 8/7 Check Mark, found in high grades
  1880-P camera.jpg VAM-16 8/7 Check Mark, scarce
  1880-P camera.jpg VAM-29 8/7 Check Mark, very scarce
16. 1880-P camera.jpg VAM-39A "E" Clash reverse with ribbon bow break
17. 1880-O camera.jpg VAM-16 8/7 Check Mark, small o right
  1880-O VAM-17 8/7 Check Mark, medium O
  1880-O VAM-21 8/7 Check Mark with ear, small o
  1880-O camera.jpg VAM-55 New Discovery! 8/7 Check Mark, small o, doubled reverse
  1880-O camera.jpg VAM-63 New Discovery! 8/7 Check Mark, medium O high
18. 1880-S camera.jpg VAM-11 0/9 Overdate, Medium S
19. 1881-O camera.jpg VAM-27 DDO Ear
20. 1883-O camera.jpg VAM-22A "E" Clash reverse. Very few known
  1883-O camera.jpg VAM-36A "E" Clash reverse, chips in ear
21. 1884-P camera.jpg VAM-2A "E" Clash reverse with dash under 8
22. 1884-P camera.jpg VAM-5 Doubled 18, Doubled Ear
23. 1884-O camera.jpg VAM-10 DDO Ear, so called O/CC by Walter Breen
24. 1884-O camera.jpg VAM-25 MPD "88"
25. 1884-O camera.jpg VAM-35 DDO Eyelid
26. 1885-P camera.jpg VAM-1A Pitted Reverse "ONE D"
  1885-P camera.jpg VAM-1B Pitted Reverse "DOL"
  1885-P camera.jpg VAM-1C Pitted Reverse Wreath
27. 1885-CC camera.jpg VAM-4 Doubled Dash
28. 1886-P camera.jpg VAM-1C "3+2" Clash
29. 1886-P camera.jpg VAM-20 Doubled Date, few known
30. 1886-O camera.jpg VAM-7 O/O, very scarce
31. 1887-P camera.jpg VAM-1B "E" Clash reverse
32. 1887-S camera.jpg VAM-4 Doubled 1--7-S
  1887-S camera.jpg VAM-11 Doubled 1-7 & Reverse Lettering
33. 1888-P camera.jpg VAM-4 DDR Chipped "8"
  1888-P camera.jpg VAM-6 DDR Die Scratch
  1888-P camera.jpg VAM-7 DDR Die Chips
  1888-P camera.jpg VAM-12 DDR & Clash
  1888-P camera.jpg VAM-18 DDO Eyelid, MPD
34. 1888-O camera.jpg VAM-15 DDR Star, O/O
35. 1888-S camera.jpg VAM-1B Pitted Reverse
36. 1889-P camera.jpg VAM-16 DDO Ear
  1889-P camera.jpg VAM-18 DDO Ear
  1889-P camera.jpg VAM-20 DDO Ear
37. 1889-P camera.jpg VAM-23A "IN" Clash
38. 1889-O camera.jpg VAM-20A Weak "E" Clash. Super rare.
39. 1890-O camera.jpg VAM-10 Comet gouges, comes in two die stages
40. 1891-O camera.jpg VAM-1B Pitted Reverse above E and under N to rim
41. 1891-O camera.jpg VAM-3A Weak "E" Clash. LDS has rare die break
42. 1895-S camera.jpg VAM-3 S/S, curved dash
43. 1896-P camera.jpg VAM-1A Bar "6" (Previously VAM-1A)
44. 1896-S VAM-5 S/S, line right
45. 1897-P camera.jpg VAM-8 DDO Stars
46. 1900-P camera.jpg VAM-16 DDR Olives. LDS has pitted eagle
  1900-P camera.jpg VAM-18 DDR Olives
47. 1901-P camera.jpg VAM-5 DDO Ear & DDR Olive
48. 1901-P camera.jpg VAM-16 DDO Ear & Eye
49. 1921-P camera.jpg VAM-1E Pitted Wreath Bow
  1921-P camera.jpg VAM-1F Pitted One & Wreath Bow
  1921-P camera.jpg VAM-3B Pitting through D in DOLLAR
  1921-P camera.jpg VAM-3C Pitted Reverse LL & UN
  1921-P camera.jpg VAM-3E Pitting Below Arrow Feathers
  1921-P camera.jpg VAM-3F Pitted AR in DOLLAR
  1921-P camera.jpg VAM-3N Pitting through U in UNITED
  1921-P camera.jpg VAM-15 Doubled Motto, Pitted Reverse
50. 1921-D camera.jpg VAM-1B1 Capped "R"
  1921-D camera.jpg VAM-1B2 Capped "R" / Filled Die no E in WE