Hit List 40

via VAMworld

1878-P VAM-14.7 Ultra-rare Variety
1878-P VAM-14.20 Last 8TF Discovery
1878-P VAM-39 7/8 TF - Dramatic Strong TFs
1878-P VAM-116, (Includes 116A, 116B, and 116C) Doubled P, die sequence of 6 known stages
1878-P VAM-123 Spike in eye, Rarest 7TF
1878-P VAM-166 3 spikes in eye, ultra-rare in all grades
1878-P VAM-188 Polished L obverse; unknown in BU
1878-P VAM-189 Only re-engraved 7TF known
1878-P VAM-222A Reverse of 1879, 4th star broken with die chips around mouth.
1878-P VAM-224 Reverse of 1879, wide reeding. 1878 analog of 1921
1878-P VAM-227 / VAM-228A Reverse of 1879, very scarce. 2 Line thru O verities
1878-S VAM-17 / VAM-17A Doubled D progression. Denticle impressions.
1878-S VAM-19 / VAM-19A Unique Die Gouged Obverse
1878-S VAM-50 / VAM-76 / VAM-81 Tripled eye obverse on VAM-50 & 76. Funky feather reverse on VAM-50 & 81.
1880-P VAM-25 0/9 Overdate
1880-P VAM-32A Clashed "In" Obverse, ultra-strong clash
1880-O VAM-7 Pitted Obverse
1880-CC VAM-7 Reverse of 1878. VAM-4 Top 100 Reverse.
1880-S VAM-12 Checkmark/Ear Overdate. Overdate not already listed.
1881-O VAM-1D Flaky Eye
1881-O VAM-5 Dramatic O/O. So-called O/S.
1882-CC VAM-2 - 2A - 2B - 2C Progressive counter-clash. Extra 1 under date.
1885-P VAM-22 Super Dash under 2nd 8. Analog to 1885-CC VAM-4.
1886-O VAM-11A 2+2 Rotated clashed die. Analog to 1886-P VAM-1C
1887-O VAM-30A "TY" Clashed Die. Unique clashing
1888-O VAM-7A Huge obverse die gouge. Known only in low grades.
1888-S VAM-13 (old V.1A) Die Gouge Reverse. SSDC Coin of the Year.
1889-P VAM-5A / VAM-28A Pitted reverse. VAM-28A also has a double ear.
1890-O VAM-20 Strong Doubled Ear. Analog to1891-P VAM-2
1892-S VAM-8 Tripled Die Obverse. Tripling in Liberty's hair.
1896-O VAM-19 (old V.1A) Analog to 1896-P VAM-20
1901-P VAM-7 Doubled Arrowheads, Wing. Spectacular DDO
1902-O VAM-25 / VAM-43 / VAM-54 Doubled Ears
1904-O VAM-4B Pitted Reverse, clashed Obverse. VAMs 4, 4A, 4B.
1921-P VAM-40A Unusual Reverse clash marks. Super CD.
1921-P VAM-44 Wide Reeding variety. D2 reverse
1921-D VAM-1N Unicorn "D" in UNITED. LDS shows retained cud.
1921-D VAM-1X Spectacular double Cud. On everyone's hit list.
1921-S VAM-1B "Thornheads" Series VAMs-1B1 thru 1B7. 1B3 and 1B7 are the rarest.
1921-S VAM-6A / VAM-6B Obverse Die scratch. Line between B & U.