8 Tail Feather Morgans

In Conjunction with VAMworld

camera.jpg1878-P VAM-1 8TF Spear Point
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-2 8TF Doubled Reverse
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-2A 8TF Doubled Reverse, Clashed Obverse In & t, Reverse M
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-3 8TF Doubled Reverse
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-4 8TF Doubled Date
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-5 8TF DDO particularly R-I-B in PLURIBUS. (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-6 8TF Doubled Motto
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-7 8TF Tripled E
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-8 8TF Stick Feather (Hot 50 Morgan Dollar)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-9 8TF First Morgan Dollar. Comma Feather Reverse (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-9A 8TF Clashed Obverse n & t (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-10 8TF Doubled Motto
1878-P VAM-11 8TF Doubled Reverse (Not known to exist)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-12 8TF Doubled Motto
1878-P VAM-13 8TF Concave Field (Not known to exist)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14 8TF Doubled Motto
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14A 8TF Doubled Motto, Clashed Observe n
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.1 8TF Alligator Eye
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.1A Doubled Eye Front, Clashed Obverse n
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.2 8TF Polished Ear
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.3 8TF Doubled Reverse
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.4 8TF Concave Reverse Field
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.4A 8TF Concave Reverse, Clashed Observe In & t
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.5 8TF Spiked "A" with Open Nostril (Hot 50 Morgan Dollar)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.6 8TF Dot on ear
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.7 8TF Flake on ear (Hit List 40 Morgan Dollar)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.8 8TF Doubled Eyelid
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.9 8TF Spiked Eye, polish in 1st 8 of date.
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.10 8TF Cracked Bonnet
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.11 8TF Wild Eye Spikes (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.12 8TF Eye Dots
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.13 8TF Doubled Eyelid
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.14 8TF Eye Chip
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.15 8TF Doubled Motto
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.16 8TF Doubled Profile and Date (Hot 50 Morgan Dollar)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.17 8TF Doubled Date and Hair (No Obverse photos available at this time)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.18 8TF Doubled Liberty
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.19 8TF Break by 8 of date (late die state) (No Obverse photos available at this time)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-14.20 8TF Boll Lines (Hit List 40 Morgan Dollar)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-15 8TF Doubled Liberty concave reverse (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-16 8TF Tripled Stars
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-17 8TF Diagonal in 8
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-18 8TF Doubled Date, Clashed n
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-18A Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse n
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-19 8TF Doubled Date
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-20 8TF Doubled Date, Clashed n
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-21 8TF Broken R&B
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-22 8TF Doubled ERTY,
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-22A 8TF Doubled ERTY, Clashed Obverse n & t
camera.jpg1878-P VAM-23 8TF Doubled profile (nose, lips, & chin) (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)

camera.jpg1878-P 8tf VAM Not Assigned Varieties